Sales operating system
for your MSP.

Designed to accelerate MSP sales processes, adopt sales best practices, and retain valuable information about client relationships.

Why ChannelForce?

Track & accelerate your leads to
clients’ process

• Streamline sales flow from Client Desire to Realized Revenue
• Adopt MSP sales best practices, retain valuable client relationships


Get comprehensive notifications and analytics

• Personalized to-do’s, reminders, alerts to keep you on top of your sales process
• Single pane view of the entire sales process - set metrics, measure performance


Share Smart & Professional documents
with your prospects

• Put together a proposal in a matter of minutes
• Interactive, branded, personalized and trackable


Everything you need to win Business..

Templated workflows for streamlined communication
Automated communication with real-time collaboration
Actionable Insights to keep things in context
Easy to adopt best practices

Sales Funnel Management

Seamlessly manage your sales pipeline and never miss a follow-up

Quoting & proposals

Create interactive and responsive quotes and stand out from your peers

Catalog Management

Create your own ready-to-share catalog. Intelligently bundle up offerings

Branding & Identity

Build your own brand by offering a great pre-sales service quality experience

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